The UBIC Telco platform lets carriers quickly launch and sell high-margin, innovative value-added services to their customers. These VAS products help increase the ARPU and attract/retain subscribers in today’s highly competitive environment.

Key use cases

Online security is a topic that is always at the top of the list for anyone who uses the internet. As a carrier, it is very important to be able to offer value to the subscribers by providing innovative services in this area. One of the more popular services for the digital home is Parental Control – service that is offered by many appliance and gadget vendors, as well as a whole slew of software companies. Carriers are often left behind, similar to what has happened in the digital streaming world where the giants such as Netflix, Youtube and others offer on-demand content while the carrier provides inexpensive connectivity, at the same time having to invest in maintenance and upgrades. Most of the Carriers offer Parental Control features either as a simplistic filter, or resell 3rd party software at a discount – neither option brings much value to the carrier, as it mainly promotes someone else’s brand.

Parental and internet control service can be an important differentiator in carrier’s services line-up, setting the carrier apart from its competition, while generating new revenue and helping retain existing customers. Parental & internet controls offered by carriers can be implemented “in the cloud”, i.e. not require any software or app installation by the subscribers and removing the “box compatibility” headache. One other benefit is the reduction of the load on carrier’s help desks (who aren’t used to offering technical support on advanced software applications anyway). Ubic’s  Parental Control VAS – protect your subscribers with our parental control web/app filtering VAS. Unintrusive, fully-integrated into the OSS/BSS stack, the platform launches quickly and leads to high penetration levels. AI-based internet resource database constantly monitors the internet and automatically categorizes existing and newly added sites for easy catalogue management.  Advanced Parental Control solution also let’s the carrier build compliance with local rules and regulations.

Carrier’s business division can benefit from the Business Web-filtering solution  – similar to the Parental Control VAS, this solution allows carriers to sell high-margin web filtering services to their business customers. Target customer base – small/mid-size business entities, including schools and government agencies. One of UBIC’s major carrier customers has been successfully providing this service to over 1300 schools in a large metropolitan area, using unified policies designed to protect the school children, while enabling unfettered online access to educational resources. UBIC’s solution is fully integrated into the dedicated b2b customer portal, where each school’s administrator can access the settings, set up reporting and monitor access in real time. The solution is also fully compliant with the regulatory requirements – from the city’s department of education to the federal restrictions on inappropriate or prohibited resource access, thus helping the customer avoid fines and reducing the compliance burden.

Advertising block – recent studies show a growing increase in demand for advertising blocking solutions. The growing volume of omnipresent ads is not only annoying, but also can be viewed as another avenue for malicious actors – site displaying a 3rd party banner that takes the visitor to a malware link is a common occurrence these days.  

The standard way to manage this today is to install a browser plug-in or app on a device and thus reduce the ad volume being displayed. However, this still doesn’t reduce the traffic loads in the carrier core network, neither is this option easy to manage for the consumer who typically has multiple devices, let alone home-based broadband users and b2b subscribers.

Use UBIC’s AdBlock VAS to enable ad block/management services for your subscribers: reward the vip customers with the “clean data” offer, protect customers from intrusive ads and improve online performance.  Alternatively, sell this feature as an add-on package to the existing data plans and earn subscriber’s appreciation for the much in demand service.

Advertising management – get closer to your subscriber base with UBIC’s AdInject – an innovative advertisement insertion platform for carriers.