Let your customers know that you care about their online security and can protect them against various types of threats, including inappropriate content for the minors. Give your subscribers full control of their family’s online time – at home or on the road, any device/any network, gain their trust and increase brand loyalty.

UBIC’s Parental Control VAS let’s the carrier quickly launch a highly-advanced service offering for the subscribers to would like to ensure their families’ online safety.

Parental Control VAS is a software solution that installs unintrusively in out-of-band mode, processes subscriber traffic in real-time and blocks connection attempts for any prohibited category of resources. The key advantage of our solution is its applicability to any scenario (mobile/broadband) without having to install any software/plugins on the subscriber equipment. It is a 100% carrier network-based software solution designed to run on standard x86 hardware or in virtualized form. This solution integrates into the carrier’s network and works seamlessly with any existing DPI or service chain setup.

The product is fully integrated into the carrier’s OSS/BSS environment, as well as the subscriber-facing account management interfaces, making the solution management easy and transparent. Subscribers can self-activate, manage, customize and monitor the solution from anywhere, reducing the carrier provisioning team workload and allowing for fast adoption rates.

Through the subscriber’s management panel, customers can customize the already easy-to-use options, or choose to stay with the pre-built profiles that we have created. Pre-built profiles can be based on age (3-7, 7-12, 14+, etc.), or on the regional specifics, as well as customized to the carrier’s model. Subscriber can start with the pre-built profile and then gradually customize it based on his needs.

UBIC Telco Parental Control VAS is a turnkey solution that offers:

  • Monitoring/Blocking of dangerous or inappropriate websites to protect children (or other family members)
  • No software installation required by the customer. Service is self-activated via subscribers’ account page. Supports all types of customer devices – smartphones/tablets/PCs
  • White/black lists, Safe Search control/enforcement, feedback mechanism
  • Internet access schedule control
  • Parent-Child linking with multiple account support (parent manages child’s service)
  • Predefined monitoring/filtering profiles for quick protection activation & ease of use
  • Millions of URLs are placed in categories for selection, with customization by subscriber possible. Real-time database update via UBIC Lab connection.
  • Advanced management by subscriber, including dashboards, reports, customization
  • Flexibility to support regional resources and comply with local regulations and specifics
  • Does not affect browsing speed