UBIC Telco is a common-core platform that enables innovative, revenue-generating Value-Added Services (VAS) for carriers

Core of the platform is a content-aware intelligent traffic engine (UBIC Core) that:

Serves as the foundation for the advanced VAS applications

Scales to 100G on x86 commercial-grade hardware

Allows for centralized or distributed cluster capability

Highly interoperable via advanced API

Integrates with telco OSS/BSS systems

Integrates with existing DPI or other traffic management solutions

Parental Control for broadband & mobile subscribers

Parental Control VAS is a solution that allows carriers to offer advanced internet controls (content filtering, online schedule control, etc.) to the Consumer subscribers.  This innovative service that employs advanced AI/ML techniques can be offered to the broadband and mobile customers alike and has a broad set of features available without requiring the subscribers to install any software or applications on their devices. Adding our upcoming home-based UBIC NetKids Internet Control appliance to the offer mix allows an even closer link to the customer, while staying competitive and gaining additional avenues of customer acquisition. This VAS installs easily and non-intrusively, as it can be deployed out-of-band or inline, as well as be fully integrated with carrier’s OSS/BSS systems to enable self-provisioning, management and monitoring. The URL resource database is updated 24×7 and can be located on carrier’s premises or hosted by UBIC.

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about this VAS solution that is currently used by some of the largest carriers in Europe.

Web-filtering for B2B

Web-filtering is an out-of-band (also can be deployed inline) VAS that relies on the advanced data processing engine (UBIC Core) and our own URL catalogue of web-resources & services. This solution enables the telecom carriers to offer B2B web-filtering from the cloud to their subscribers. Use cases include managed services offered to the corporate segment (finance & other enterprise), as well as government & education customers.


▪︎ UBIC Telco AdBlock solution is deployed in the telco network to provide flexible ad blocking services to subscribers (broadband or mobile)

▪︎ AdBlock is a cloud native service and as such does not require any software installation on subscriber devices

▪︎ Can be delivered via mobile or broadband services in a variety of ways (paid add-on package, freemium model, etc.)

▪︎ Easy, non-intrusive implementation for quick market launch with full support from the UBIC team


Injector is an additional VAS element that can be implemented on top of the existing UBIC Telco Deployment such as AdBlock, or be deployed on its own. This service allows the carrier to inject, in real-time, additional content into the subscriber browsing sessions. Just like other UBIC VAS applications, this service is non-invasive and is deployed quickly.

Injector Use Cases:

▪︎ Advertising your own services (existing/new)

▪︎ Polling/Voting & Other interactive use cases

▪︎ Informing customers about balance/need to pay, or any other targeted messages

▪︎ Advertisement from your commercial partners.

Injector features:

▪︎ Injects additional content into browsing sessions.

▪︎ Uses the same infrastructure (UBIC Telco)

▪︎ Additional possibilities to communicate with consumers.

▪︎ Settings for count per day contacts, sites white-list and more.

▪︎ Several types of banners available